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2017 Waxahachie Indian Baseball

2017 Waxahachie Indian Baseball

2017 Honda Plateau

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It’s not and Accord, it’s not a Ridgeline, is it an El Camino?! No it’s a Plateau!! Yeah I made it up. Sorry.


Turquoise Haven

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Helping out Turquoise Haven with marketing materials and website tune up. Designed new logo too!PostCard

Logos and more logos

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Setup a couple of logos for some local folks this week. A DJ and a local band. The DJ wanted something simple and cool and I think we hit the mark on this one with a little personal touch. The band logo was designed from a sketch given to me and I brought it to life for them.

Waxahachie Indian Baseball

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We are helping out the Waxahachie Indian Baseball team with a few graphic upgrades to their web site. Go take a look at the new site and support your Indians!


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I have been working with Complete Logo Source for a few years now providing them with some alternative T-shirt designs to help give there customer more options. Here a few I have put together for them.  Some made it to print and some didn’t.


Retro BMX Concept Design

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My retro concept design for a BMX bike.

My retro concept design for a BMX bike.

I have always thought it would be cool to be able to “build” my own bikes. The bike below is based on a lot of the old school 70’s BMX bikes like the Mongoose and Red Line bikes. I like that era to most for some reason. I guess its because its when it all began. This of course would be the same build quality as those bikes and have that same retro look. I picked the name Xerces just because it sounds cool to say it, plus I used a cross or 4 point star on different areas of the bike and thought something with “X” in it would be cool.

This was designed with Adobe Illustrator

Here are a few more variations:

Safety First

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Just completed moving the site over to a newer Wordpress format for them. Looks a lot better and hopefuly now it will be a little more managable for them. Their previous site was pretty basic and needed a little updating in the looks dept.  You can visit it at

Go Speed Racer!!!

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The new Aventador J


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Chevy Concepts

Chevy Concepts

The Detroit Auto Show recently brought to our attention 2 new concepts Chevrolet is working on targeting youth buyers, I think. Although they are nice looking they still seem to be missing the mark, for me anyway.  The CODE 130R looks like they tried to re purpose a new Camaro into a smaller car.  Didn’t they do this with the Camaro and Vega back in the 70’s? The other car they introduced, the TRU 140S, although looks cool and I really love the front’s aggressive looks, the shape of the care as a whole reminds me of a current Mitsubishi Eclipse.




I smushed them together. I took the front of the 140 and the rear of the 130. Oh and added new rims ’cause I just do things like that.

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